What's Bio–power

What is BIO-POWER Environment Protective Fuel Oil Biochemical Enzyme?

Main component of BIO-POWER is biochemical enzyme, a kind of ferment through fermentation and excretion of microorganism, its end product is protein and amino acid.

Components of BIO-POWER Environment Protective Fuel Oil Biochemical Enzyme:

  • Biochemical Fuel Oil
  • Micro-dispersing agent
  • Enzyme Protein
  • Bio-enzyme group
Physical Properties of BIO-POWER Environment Protective Fuel Oil Biochemical Enzyme:
Item Test Result Test method
Specific Gravity at 15°C 0.842 CNS 12017
Flash point 35.1ºC CNS 13429
Copper corrosion (50°C,3hr) 1A CNS 1219
Lead content (ppm) Not Detected CNS 12762
Ash (%) 0.01% CNS 3576
Pour point -12 ºC CNS 3484
Toxicity Non-toxic LD50
BIO-POWER has passed LD50 test conducted by Institute of Microbiology and Immunology of NYMU (National Yang Ming University), as well as lead content test (test result: no lead detected) and Copper strip corrosion test (test method: CNS1219, test result: 1A) conducted by Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection, Department of Economic Affairs, Taiwan. Therefore this product is proven very safe.

How BIO-POWER Environment Protective Fuel Oil Biochemical Enzyme Works?

Microorganism is a kind of effective Sweeper for the nature. For substrates, microorganism can activate its gene and make it excrete enzymes, a kind of biocatalyst, so as to reduce the energy barrier required for biochemical reactions, make specific chemical reactions take place in a condition that no high temperature and high pressure are necessary. Thus the chemical can be quickly completed under normal temperature and normal pressure, and in addition, a target reaction can even be completed at a high rate of 10-6 second.

BIO-POWER biochemical enzyme are just protein and amino acid. Both of them belong to ampholytem just like water. After salvation with biochemical enzyme and hydration with water, there will from a layer of polar membrane, i. e. oxygen enrichment membrane, ant that is why O/W micell can convert into W/O micelle.

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