F-188 Heavy Fuel Oil Biochemical Enzyme


  • Save oil consumption: approximately 3~10% (based on comparison of unit oil consumption and determined by on-site equipment conditions) Reduce carbon deposit in furnace.
  • Reduce emission of SOx by approximately 20 ~ 45%.
  • Reduce emission of NOx by approximately 20 ~ 40%.
  • Save electricity: reduce pre-heating temperature by 15 ~ 20°C.
  • Save expenses for air pollution protection equipment.
  • Save expenses for equipment, reagent/agent and power electricity for desulfuration and denitrogenation.
  • Save expenses for air pollution treatment.
  • Reduce damages to exhaust apparatus and equipments arising from high and low temperature erosion.
  • Reduce maintenance cost: reduce cost arising from timeout; reduce labor coat; reduce material cost for replacement.
  • Improve air pollution: reduce emission of toxic gas, reduce incidence of respiratory track diseases to operators; reduce pollution sources for acid rain and air pollution; create good relationships with neighborhood, no disputes or arguments will occur.
  • Assure no rancidification will take place to the reserved oil.
Dosage Add 1 Liter for 6,000 Liters of Heavy fuel oil.
Package content 1 Liter ± 5%
Use Range Commercial/Industrial burner units, space heating, vessel
bunkering and various heavy industrial purposes.

Shake well before using. Flammable product, keep in a cool
place and keep it away from flame or high temperature place.
Not edible.

Please assure adequate mixing time and standing time
between BIO-POWER and fuel oils prior to use, so as to
maximize the efficiency of biochemical enzyme.

Expiration 2 years.
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