D-168 Biochemical Enzyme For Diesel Engine


  • Cold start easy, the fuel combustion complete, engine run smooth and avoid carbon deposits or engine knocking.
  • The fuel quality improves via BIO-POWER ® Enzyme, engine performance give play to ultimate.
  • The fuel combustion complete gain full of heat energy, the Cetane number of Diesel get promotes.
  • Non-toxic, BIO-POWER® Enzyme combined with fuel combustion, reducing CO, HC and other sources of pollution, smoke reduction rate has been tested up to 13% or more. And the combustion complete will reducing PM25 and protect the DPF system.
  • By continuously improving fuel quality, so that complete combustion, remove and prevent carbon deposits, the fuel tank of water and asphalt and other fine impurities together to eliminate, reduce maintenance costs. Also the fuel pump or common rail system can get rust corrosion prevention.
  • BIO-POWER® Enzyme is a new fuel quality improvement program, which can clean and protect the engine parts, reducing maintenance needs from poor fuel quality.

After upgrading fuel quality, engine performance can play extreme, reduce fuel use, can effectively reduce carbon emissions, and reduce pollution emissions.


Shake well before use and use whole bottle in to the fuel tank. You may adjust the amount when you continuous use. In the initial period, the impurities and water will be draw out, please change new fuel filter.

Dosage Add 220ml for 100 Liters of Diesel Oil.
Package content 220ml± 5% / 1,000 c.c. ± 5%
Use Range Automobile, Truck, Bus, Electric generator,Internal combustion
engine, and other Diesel combustible apparatus.

Shake well before using. Flammable product, keep in a cool
place and keep it away from flame or high temperature place.
Not edible.

Expiration 2 years.
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