Energy Efficiency

Why BIO-POWER Improves Fuel Oil Energy Efficiency?

  • Chop down
  • Micro-emulsification
  • Micro-dispersion
  • Ignition Booster
  • Reduces Loss of Heat Conduction

Chop down

For fuel oil with macron molecule carbon chains, its chemical reaction will move towards the low carbon chain, e. g. C8, of the components of gasoline oil after decomposition (chop-down) via specific enzymes. Therefore, fuel oil quality can be effectively improved.

Heterocylic sulfur contents contained in oils mostly exist in DBT (dibenzothiophene) in the form of organics. The deposition which BIO-POWER made to DBT is a kind of non-destructive bio-chemical conversion by means of 4S pathway.

Comparison of the fuel oil burning situation.
The general situation when the fuel oil burning.
The burning situation when the fuel oil with BIO-POWER.


BIO-POWER contains biochemical micro-emulsification component, and this component can convert O/W micell, which is not good for combustion, into W/O micell, good for combustion. During the course of high temperature combustion, an additional energy, i.e. water gas, can be obtained by means of crack of water molecule (C + H2O → CO + H2), while hydrogen gas (H2) is a kind of clean fuel. Therefore using BOI-POWER biochemical products can gain additional energy benefits, make the engine more powerful, and make combustion more complete as well.

Differences of oils after treated by BIO-POWER under high power microscope


BIO-POWER fuel oil biochemical enzyme can improve dynamic viscosity and fluidity of the fuel oil, disperse those uninflammable matters such as oil sludge with slag and dust particles, oil sludge deposit in oil bath or in the pipelines, so as to increase recycling of combustive fuel oil. In addition, after fuel oil is dispersed by BIO-POWER biochemical enzyme, there will be less chokages in oil injector and pipeline, and it is easy for spray burning. Thus BIO-POWER can boost ignition combustion, increase microexplosion, and reduce carbon deposit and emission of black smoke.


Ignition Booster

Both combustion and explosion belong to a kind of severe oxidation reaction course. Unique combustion reinforcement formulations such as metalloenzymes, co-enzymes and bio-activators can boost energy conversion in the course of combustion, so as to make oxidation reaction more perfect and smooth and thus increase energy availability.

Vanadium erosion V2O5  (M.P.670℃) under reaction of BIO-POWER.

On the contrary, oxygen (o) was discharged as ignition booster, while vanadium got coagulated into fleecy solid state.
Metal oxides erosion, e, g, PbO will convert into FeO and cause erosion after combustion.
Under BIO-POWER’s reaction, oxygen (O) was discharged as ignition booster, while Lead got coagulated into fleecy solid state.
Photogram of combustion, tested in NCKU Combustion Laboratory

Reduces Loss of Heat Conduction

to reduce heat energy loss of heat conduction efficiency caused by carbon deposit.

In case of incomplete combustion, lots of carbon deposit will generate and stick on coil pipes of the furnace. After a long time, carbon deposit will result in decrease of heat conduction efficiency, heat energy at the side of flame cannot reach heat exchange and thus dissipation of energy takes place. When the thickness of carbon deposit reaches 10mm, heat conduction efficiency will reduce by 3 ~ 8%.

BIO-POWER can optimize combustion of fuel oil. The biochemical enzyme will make solvation with fuel oil, and all ashes generated from combustion are fleecy solid state matters, which are not easy to stick on coil pines of the furnace, so as to reduce heat energy loss of heat conduction efficiency caused by carbon deposit.

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