How Bio–power Works
How BIO-POWER Environment Protective Fuel Oil Biochemical Enzyme Works

1. Adopting the Law of Conservation of Matter & Bio-desulphurization Principle.

Biochemical action of enzyme is called “Conversion of biochemical sulfur configuration of Enzyme” in scientific terminology, i. e. converting toxic and restrictive reduced state sulfide configuration into non-toxic and stable oxidized state sulfide under normal temperature by utilizing the reactivity of enzyme.

Oils via microorganism conversion system
So called SOX is the general term of sulfur compounds in SO, SO2 and SO3 configurations. After high temperature combustion, it will fly into the air along with fumes and dusts, combine with aqueous vapor in the air and form sulfuric acid compound, which will result in acid rain and harm to ecological environment. However, SO4-2 is a kind of completely oxidized and stable state configuration. It is not harmful but beneficial to the ecological environment. It can be used as nutrient or fertilizer, e. g. (NH4)2SO4.
2. BIO-POWER Can Effectively Reduce Emission of SOX & NOX

SOx comes from sulfur compound contained in the components of fossil fuels. It will convert into SO4-2, a kind of completely oxidized and stable state configuration, via biochemical actions of enzyme. SO4-2 is not listed as restrictive, and thus it can effectively reduce the value of SOx during environmental protection monitoring.

NOx mostly comes from the nitrogen, which accounts for 78% in the air. It is formed by means of oxidation under 700℃ high temperature during the course of combustion. While few NOx comes from nitrogen compound contained in the components of fuels. BIO-POWER biochemical enzyme can convert nitrogen compound into stable oxidized state.

So called NOx is the general term of nitrogen compounds in NO and NO2 configurations. It belongs to a kind of environmental hormone, and is prone to result in disorder of internal secretion and furthermore, it is carcinogenic. Therefore it is listed as restrictive. However, NO3-1 is a kind of completely oxidized and stable state configuration. It is not hazardous, and thus is not listed as restrictive. In addition, BIO-POWER can make molecular weight of fuel oil smaller, improve combustion rate, reduce the demand of excess air, and finally, reduce emission of NOx.

3. BIO-POWER Can Effective Reduce Granular Pollutant

Aromatic hydrocarbon contained in fuel oil is composed by mono-cyclic or multi-cyclic benzene hydrocarbon with a relatively high density. It is not easy to get auto ignition. Primary combustion product of aromatic hydrocarbon is carbon granules. BIO-POWER biochemical enzyme will decompose molecule weight of this kind of aromatic hydrocarbon, and cut the hexacylic carbochain, so as to improve fuel oil quality, achieve a more complete combustion and reduce granular pollutant. While the olein and carbon residues contained in fuel oil is the main caused of generation of granular pollutant during combustion. BIO-POWER can reduce the olein and carbon residues contained in fuel oil, for instance, #6 heavy oil, by approximately 1% through decomposition of biochemical enzyme.

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