Instructions for the Initial Stage of Use of BIO-POWER

Main components of BIO-POWER fuel oil enzyme are of protein characteristics, and have no adverse effects. However considerations should be give to the following instructions for the initial stage of use of BIO-POWER:

  • In case of too much water content in fuel oil, there will be water drops separated out from the bottom of oil storage tank. Use adequate drainage system.
  • At the initial stage of adding BIO-POWER into fuel oil, there will be a prominent increase of emission of black smoke and SOx,. This is a normal phenomenon, since BIO-POWER is proceeding a quick cleaning to the fuel oil at this time.
  • The original holes on the flue will expose because the carbon deposit, which covers these holes, was cleaned up. Carry out adequate repair.
  • There will be some oil leakage at the pipeline connection position or clamping position, because the oil sludge was cleaned up and the oil quality was improved (oil viscosity is reduced). Replace it or re-fasten the pipelines.
  • Because the Pour Point of fuel oil is changes, the flame will get stronger. In this case, moderately decrease oil supply pressure, so as to prevent the furnace wall from burning by too strong flame jet.
  • In order to improve energy efficiency, carry out adequate measures including: reduce pre-heating temperature and air supply by 10 ~ 15% during pre-heating to the fuel oil, replace the oil injector with a smaller one, moderately reduce oil pressure, moderately reduce chimney temperature to meet the Dew Point, etc.
  • Special attention should be paid to the oil filter at the initial stage of adding BIO-POWER, so as to assure a smooth oil supply.
  • Oil tank storage temperature should be less than 120℃.
  • When adding BIO-POWER, do not immediately pour it from the top end if the oil tank. Since specific gravity is different, BOI-POWER will retain on the surface of heavy oil and thus not easy to mix well.
  • After the fuel oil is treated by BIO-POWER, oxygen enrichment membrane will generate owing to decrease of carbon chains. Reduce air supply by approximately 5 ~ 10%, so as to reduce loss of heat energy.
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