Important Concepts

Important Concepts of Bio-desulphurization during Oil Refining Process

  • Sulfide may cause hazardous acid rain and fumes.
  • Requirement and difficulty for desulphurization during oil refining process is getting higher and higher because:
        • Every country has more strict legislations for environmental protection. Low-sulfur petrochemical oils must
          be  used Reduce labor coa.
        • As to high sulfur content crude oil, refining technology as well as equipment cost and servicing expense
          will be greatly increased.
  • Updated Biochemical technology is applied into desulfurization to remove sulfur contained in petroleum oils by utilizing biochemical enzyme. Bio-catalysis desulfurization technology is based on the natural microorganism, which can remove organic substances contained in petroleum oils which combustion value of oil will keep the same (heat calorie remains unchanged).
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