Lightweight Bubble Brick

Lightweight Bubble Brick is a good lightweight, environmental protective brick that made out of the process of matching and mixing siliceous materials (cinder, coal ash), calcium materials (cement, calcium oxide), appropriate amount of modifier (gypsum) and regular amount of air entraining material (aluminum powder) together, pouring point, air-entraining, taking shape. After the cutting, the bricks will use high pressure and high temperatures steam to cement them up.

The Lightweight Bubble Brick is one third lighter than that of red brick. The small hexagonal cells in the brick reduce the weight of main structure. So it's good for using in the high rise building and achieve good quakeproof effect.

The Lightweight Bubble Brick also has good performance of thermal resistance because its unique cell structure gives the brick low density and low heat transfer coefficient. The temperature of exterior wall and garret floor are always high in summer so the thermal resistance of Lightweight Bubble Brick can effectively block the heat, reduce the air-conditioner power consumption and achieve the energy saving and Carbon reduction.

The product is made entirely of non-combustible material so it is fireproof over 3-hours.

10 x 20 x 60 cm

10 x 40 x 60 cm

15 x 20 x 60 cm
20 x 20 x 60 cm
(Other dimensions could be specified by client)
partition, high-ceiling partition, double-wall, long wall, exterior wall, fire wall.....
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