Water Permeable Brick (EP Brick) 
EP Brick has been awarded with “Green Building Material Label” both by Taiwan and Singapore Government.
A New Generation Construction Material
Environmentally Friendly EP Bricks that help protect our planet
  • Uses glass and ceramic wastes as aggregate. Features excellent abrasion resistance, ventilation, permeability, water preservation, heat insulation, and sound absorbency as well as great stability.
  • Excellent permeability and ventilation increase water-preservation of the stratum, also facilitates in draining floods and controlling temperature.
  • Porous aggregate composite provides excellent sound absorption by preventing indoor echoes
  • Rough surface helps prevent slips to enhance walking safety.
  Non-permeable construction materials, such as bitumen and cement, largely used in urban construction, are indirectly destroying the ability for the earth to retain and store water and results in flooded rivers whenever it rains, and dry riverbeds during a drought. Our EP Construction Materials are capable of diffusing water into the earth, not only providing flood assistance but also contributing to temperature control
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