Power unit Monocrystalline and polycrystalline silicon solar panels.
Open-circuit voltage 6.8V
Short-circuit current 120mA
Storage unit High capacity lithium battery
Battery voltage 3.7 V
Battery capacity 4200mAh
Light unit Ultra high brightness wide angle LED
Luminous color Yellow、white、blue、red
Number of LEDs 18
Life More than 100,000 hours
Operating temperature -20°C~ 75°C
Dimensions 380mm x 150mm x 55mm
Case material PC、ABS、high reflective film
Viewing distance Viewing distance is more than 300 meters
Reserve The reserve power capacity is more than 160 hours.
Twinkle model 10 defaults (programmable、wireless controlled & setting)
Weight 950g

The above product samples are for reference only, different color or size are available upon request.

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