Three-Stages Filtration

Safeguard the health of whole family by supplying clean water

Product Functions

Carbon fiber water cleaner
Silver-carrying carbon fiber filter cartridge

Remove : Totally absorbs the remaining chlorine and odor in water. Absorbs compounds such as ionized heavy metals and pesticides

Filtrate : Chloride, lead toxins, heavy metals, bacteriostasis, chemical reagents and crystalline salts,
Product Functions

π drinking water purifier for kitchen use

Eight-stage filter cartridges

The 1st layer Ceramic filter
Effects : Isolates a majority of harmful bacteria and viruses, removes 99% of micro impurities, sands and iron rusts.

The 2nd layer Ion-exchanging resin
Effects : Makes water more drinkable by softening water quality and reducing the hardness of water.

The 3rd layer Activated carbon particles
Effects : Absorbs chlorine, removes odor and colors.

The 4th layer Mineral elements
Effects : Containing iron, magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium, and manganese ions of mineral elements, makes water sweeter and good for humans.

The 5th & 6th layers Anion stones + extreme infrared energy stone EC3000
Effects : Prevent destructions by free radicals in your body to make it resistant to oxidization and ageing, enhance your immune system and stabilize autonomic nerve.

The 7th layer KDF + activated carbon particles
Effects : KDFs (copper and zinc ions) are able to neutralize organic and inorganic chemicals, mercury, trichloroethylene (TCE) and trihalomethane (THM), radioactive compounds and other heavy metals, and prohibit the growth of harmful bacteria. Activated carbon particles carry out secondary absorption of chlorine, unpleasant odor, color and toxins.

The 8th layer Magnetic stone
Effects : Creates a magnetic field which enables water to have micro clusters; the frequency of NMR (nuclear-magnetic resonance) water ranges is 46-48Hz.

Product Functions
Fully automatic water filter
High precision filter Cartridges
Green equipment-the life span of filter cartridge guaranteed for more than twenty years without the need to replace.

Removes : Impurities with diameter more than 0.05mm such as sands,
pipe scale, chloride crystalline, iron rusts and reducing trihalomethane of carcinogen

Retains : Minerals such as calcium and magnesium and trace elements in water

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