Is the water filtered by the π drinking water purifier directly drinkable?
Of course, it is and the water supplied by the 8-stage system drinking water purifier is not only clean but also drinkable water good for your health. Boiled water has been a habit passed on from generation to generation and many believe that only boiled water is sterilized and safe for drinking.
In fact, water authorities add chlorine during the treatment of water to ensure that running water is sterilized when reaching our households. Therefore we do not have to boil water and what we really need is a good filtering and purifying system which removes other contaminants contained in running water and harmful to our health such as remaining chlorine, heavy metals, rusts, and lead. However, you might as well boil water which is used to make hot drinks or for cooking purposes.

Can the π drinking water purifier be used together with the underground water which has not been treated?
Underground water which has not been treated contains diverse types of substances and therefore it is necessary to install one 8-stage system drinking water purifier to improve the quality of such underground water, which must, even after filtered, be boiled before it is drinkable. However if you find white spots in filtered water after it is boiled, you do not have to panic because these calcium spots are not harmful to humans. Water treated by the purifier is free of impurities and can not develop into calcium carbonate after combining with calcium and magnesium ions. The water free of impurities still contains various types of ionized minerals beneficial to human health and after it is boiled or remains still, it is white magnesium ions that are floating on water surface and white calcium ions submerged below the water surface, both of which are beneficial to your health and safe for drinking. If the calcium content in the water source in one region is rich, amount of calcium contained in running water is high.

What to do with the odor and smell of filtered water?
Filtered water may give off odor or smell because the water contained in the purifier remains unused for weeks and in this case, first remove the filter core, drain the remaining water, wash the lid and the core under the tap and re-install them; do not resume normal use until the water is drained for at least 15 minutes.

Can the π drinking water purifier be used together with hot water?
Absolutely not, because hot water will damage the performance of the ceramic and carbon filter layers in the purifier.

Will the traits beneficial to health be affected if the water filtered by the π drinking water purifier is boiled?
No, they will not be affected. When the filtered water is boiled, the water molecules will crack temporarily and when it is cooled again, they will be re-integrated into the previous orderly state without any impact on their traits beneficial to health.。

Is the water filtered by the π drinking water purifier suitable for drinking by infants?
Absolutely suitable; the fluids in infants and human bodies are composed of hexagonal small molecular groups. It is of great important to provide suitable water for infants to drink. The full growth and development of infants can only be promoted by adequate hydration effects. The filtered water is absolutely safe and perfectly suitable for your children.

What are the advantages over the reverse osmosis (RO) water or distilled water?
RO and distilled water is pure water which has undergone chemical treatment and is free of any minerals beneficial to health. During the treatment of RO or distilled water, all the isomeric ingredients in the water (most of which are also minerals) are eliminated altogether. This is not a natural state in which water contains diverse types of minerals. Once purified, water will try whatever means possible to have chemical reactions with any substances it contacts to restore its natural state. Due to this tendency of water, RO or distilled water is of an “aggressive” nature...which may lead to long-term health problems. ----------Extract from the book “the Drinking water”

Can patients benefit from drinking water filtered by π Drinking Water Purifier?
Of course they can. In fact, cell dehydration is the root cause of many diseases (for details, see www.watercure.com). Health-care professionals and doctors often maintain that patients drink large amount of water when they are sick, feel pain or take medicines. Water can promote the hydration effects of cells and discharge toxins from bodies. Filtered water can, compared with other types of water, more easily and rapidly penetrate cells, thus helping accelerate the physical recovery and enhance the general health. Patients should increase the amount of water they drink each day during their recovery period at least from 10 cups to 15 cups.

Dimensions of the π drinking water purifier

Height : 34 cm
Flow : 1.8 L / Min.
Diameter : 14 cm
Weight : 2 kg
Capacity : 10,000 L / Year
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