Precise Wedge-Shaped Water Filter

Purification starts from the source
No consumables, one investment for permanent use

ARC precise wedge-shaped filter are based on SUS316L filter cartridges that use German technology and made in Belgium. The bodies are made of SUS316 stainless steel to ensure long product life, and the solid wedge-shaped cartridges, which resist high pressure and high temperatures, are precise and not prone to distortion.

When running water flows from the external surface of the filter cartridge to its interior, impurities are blocked at its external surface, and the vortex flow created outside the cylindrical deflector forces the contaminants and impurities to fall toward the discharging valve at the bottom of the filter to achieve the filtration effect through the centrifugal principle.

When the drain valve is opened for 20-30 seconds, all the impurities at the exterior of the filter cartridge can be discharged to save water and filter contaminants. The precision of the filter cartridge can reach up to 50 microns with a clearance of 0.05 mm (300 meshes). The filter cartridges are made from stainless steel SUS316L, which is resistant to acids and alkalis and can be used permanently without the loss of consumables.

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