Hard to clog
Wedge-shaped stainless steel wires form slotted clearances, which make it hard to develop partial clogging.

High aperture ratio
Opening area at least 30% greater than other traditional filter meshes.
High precision
Sophisticated processing technology from Germany and perfect workmanship represent highly precise expertise.

Pressure-resistant structure
The wedge-shaped stainless steel wires twisted at the solid circular supporting rod, together with the precise spot welding at the connection, result in a pressure-resistant structure not prone to be easily damaged.

Easy to clean
Made of wedge-shaped stainless steel wires, the structure can be cleaned by scraping, washing, or backwashing impurities off its surface.

Inlet / Outlet Drain Cartridge size Filtration
Dimension Flow rate
Model No. (in) (in) Diameter x L (mm) Mesh m/m Width
25ARC 1” ¾” Ø85x300 300 0.05 396 665
40ARC 1½” ¾” Ø85x500 300 0.05 396 865 8800
50ARC 2” ¾” Ø85x600 300 0.05 396 965 10500
65ARC 2½” ¾” Ø85x900 300 0.05 396 1265 15800
80ARC 3” ¾” Ø85x1000 300 0.05 396 1365 17400
100ARC 4” ¾” Ø85x1000 300 0.05 396 1365 17400
  • The above specifications are for reference only; the specifications of the actually delivered products shall prevail.
    Special specifications and materials could be customized.
  • We reserve the right to modify these products, and this document may not be reproduced or used without our consent.
Overview of the filter cartridge
SUS316L filter cartridge based on high-precision technology

The wedge-shaped stainless steel filter cartridge used in REWAX is a product manufactured from precision technology in Europe; the shape of the cartridge has perfect surface roundness and smoothness, resulting in filtration effects far superior than those of general products.

● The filter cartridge is made of SUS316L stainless steel, which is resistant to acids and alkalis and never has to be replaced.
● The clearance of the filter cartridges is 0.05 mm (300 meshes) and the precision level can reach 50 microns.
● Can filter fine impurities in water to effectively block the impurities in old water pipes to reduce the washed times of water tank.

● The entire stainless steel set is durable.
● Its small size allows for easy installation without the need for a machine room.
● The SUS316L filter cartridge with first-class quality.
● Made in Taiwan to guarantee high quality and premium services.
● Replacement of the filter cartridge is not required, thus saving on costs related to filtering materials.
● Fully automatic operation without pump pressurization or manual intervention.
● Multiple filter cartridge precision levels to choose from.
● One investment for life-time benefits.



When the raw water flows from the exterior of the filter cartridge to the interior, impurities are absorbed on the external surface of the cartridge, and the vortex flow is created outside the cylindrical deflector, thus forcing the contaminants and impurities to fall toward the drain valve at the bottom of the filter cartridge due to the centrifugal principle.

Clean water flows from the exterior of the cartridge to its interior to achieve the filtration effects and then flows to the water tank through the filtered water outlet.


The time when the contaminants are discharged is set and controlled by the control box, and the contaminants drain valve will then be opened.

The raw water enters the filter through the inlet, washes away the impurities settling around the filter cartridge along its flowing path, and discharges them to the wastewater pool through the drain valve at the bottom of the filter. Reduce clogging of the filter cartridge, the times of cartridge washed, and labor costs.

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