Japanese Household Carbon Fiber Water Cleaner

Filtrating chloride, lead poison, heavy metals and inhibits bacteria, chemical agents, and crystalline salts in water to safeguard the health of the whole family.




Food-grade silver-carrying carbon fiber filter elements imported from Japan pass the Japanese certification of food analysis test and their chlorine-removing capability is more than 20 times better than that of general activated carbon filter elements. They can filter harmful substances in water such as bacteria, odor, remaining chlorine, color, benzenes, ketones, petrochemicals, metallic ions, radioactive substances and moulds.

The entire housing are made of stainless steel, treated by precise polishing and can be used permanently; they can also be disassembled and assembled by users themselves without resorting to the help of professionals. A new generation of technology-silver-carrying activated carbons, which have the bacteriostatic and antibacterial functions, will become the optimum filter element of water treatment and purification products.

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