For Showing
Reduce the volatility amount of chlorine in hot water and the discomfort caused by chlorine compounds on the respiratory tract and skin.

For Laundering
Reduce the amount of detergents used, clothes are not prone discoloration. Reduce the amount of water used and prolong the life of household appliances.

For Heater
Prevent scaling after heated, improve heating & cooling efficiencies to save power.

For Washroom use
Filtrate the scale and chlorine crystalline in pipes and remove toxic substances to ensure oral health.

For Kitchen use
Reduce the amount of detergents used by lowed the amount of chlorine remaining on vegetables, fruits, and kitchenware.

For Drinking
Filtrate impurities in water and improve the quality of drinking water, prolong the life of filter elements.

Advantages of applying silver-carrying activated carbon in the treatment of drinking water
Silver ion coconut shell activated carbons are a kind of new purifying materials on which silver ions are exchanged by a specializing technology into the micro pores of these carbons and then solidified by high temperature. Silver ions are broad spectrum antibacterial materials which have the strongest antibacterial performance among all the known metallic ions. They meet the requirement on “good resistance to heat, having a broad antibacterial spectrum and a long effective period” and are inorganic antibacterial agents which will not make microbes drug-resistant. They are high-performance natural purifying products able to remove harmful substances in water such as bacteria, odor, remaining chlorine, pigments, benzenes, ketones, petrochemicals, heavy metal ions, radioactive materials and moulds and water purified by them is drinkable directly and free of secondary contamination.


Silver-carrying activated carbon porduction process

Silver-carrying antibacterial particles are a new generation silver-based antibacterial materials, which are the result of the latest technological development. The major antibacterial component in them is silver ions, which are evenly sprayed and stabilized into the micro-pores on the surface of activated carbons so that they can be released slowly to achieve sterilization for a long time. Silver-carrying antibacterial filter elements have such characteristics as high efficiency, fast speed, durability, resistance to a broad spectrum of bacteria and high temperature. Silver-carrying activated carbons are tested to inhibit and resist more than 99% of bacteria.

Resistance to bacteria
Bacterial cytoplasm where bacterial organisms carry out their routine physiological activities are transparent colloids made of water, protein, nucleic acids, lipids, sugars and salts. Cytoplasm is the metabolic center of bacteria, containing organelles and ferments such as ribosomes and plastids and when entering cytoplasm, antibacterial agents will cause the death of cells by inhibiting a range of ferments, altering or terminating the synthetic process of proteins.

Traces of silver elements distributed on the surface of silver-carrying activated carbon ions can give rise to the effect of catalyzing an active center. The center can absorb energy from its environment; activate the air absorbed onto the surface of activated carbon and the oxygen in water, thus producing hydroxyl radicals and active oxygen ions which realize the purpose of bacteriostasis or inactivation of bacteria by destroying the reproductive ability of bacterial cells due to their strong oxidizing capabilities.

Modern medical science has proven
That silver can kill all the harmful microbes (bacteria, viruses and immunity barriers). Silver ions are very effective at treating gastritis, malaria, parasitic infection, psoriasis, infection of eyes, ears and mouth, and infection of yeast and can be used orally or applied externally. The use of silver is one of the miracles of modern medical science because compared with one antibiotic toxin which can kill an average of 6 pathogenic biological bacteria, silver is capable of killing 650 types of bacteria and effectively controlling resistant strains. Very small amount of silver can destroy large quantities of pathogenic microbes. In our lab test, we have not found any one germ which can survive 6 minutes on silver test piece. Silver is significantly effective at treating such infectious diseases as septicemia, rheumatic fever, gonorrhea, arthritis, diphtheria, and meningitis and also very useful for the treatment of burns or other injuries.

The process for making silver-carrying activated carbon elements

Step 1
Activated coconut shell carbon is washed repeatedly until the ash floating on the surface of the carbon and the dust in the pores are cleaned.

Step 2
The activated coconut shell carbon is dehydrated by a dehydrating centrifugal machine, dried in a drying oven and removed after drying is completed.

Step 3
Pure silver, pure water and ammonia water are fused and ionized to become silver-carrying ions, evenly sprayed onto the particles of activated carbons and then burned to make in-depth reaction occur on them to solidify the ionized silver on the surface layers and pores of the activated coconut shell carbons.

Step 4
Burned coconut shell carbons are cooled to obtain the silver-carrying coconut shell activated carbon.

Step 5
The silver-carrying activated carbons are pulverized, spun into hairline fibers which are then made into silver-carrying activated carbon filter elements by mesh-winding them.

Model No. Type Diameter
Cartridge size
Life of cartridge
J-2510 Wall mounting Type 1” 210 550 Ø110x238 Replacing once a year
Standing Type
J-4020 Standing Type 1½”、2” 240 950 Ø65x508x3 Replacing once a year
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